Planning to design an office space? You need an office design that is pleasant for employees, customers and even for you… This is precisely our specialty, interior design for offices, designing hi-tech offices. The process is very simple – you provide us with your needs, constraints, preferences and different positions according to area of activity. Within 21 days we will provide you with a presentation that includes: research regarding similar businesses in Israel and the world, Inspirations drawn from different local and international sources, a presentation of materials we are considering to use, a 2 dimensional floor plan of the space portraying the flow of the store’s design and tangible renderings of the space into a 3 dimensional design concept for the store – a concept created after the identification and implementation of you varied needs and goals. A well-designed office space provides employees with a sense of pride and comfort in their work space, which in turn allows for increased employee productivity.

We all spend more hours of our day in the office than at home. Our specialty is in providing beautiful, interesting and practical interior design solutions for offices.