Hey there, we are “PUNKT”

a professional, dynamic and creative team of multitalented designers.

.We specialize in every aspect of retail design
.Our team consists of interior designers, graphic designers and a wickedly talented branding team
that work together in perfect unison
Punkt was founded in 2008 by Adir Zaken, a creative man and an interior designer.
He created PUNKT with one thing in mind, to be a one stop location for retail, office and clinic design. Together, our team of designers is able to create seductive, compelling and multifunctional spaces
.that provide perfect working, visiting and shopping environments
.Based in Tel-Aviv, we are inspired and driven by the city
as it is constantly evolves and keeps up with current innovative design
.We believe that good design is a complete design, a DESIGN THAT MAKES A POINT
right from the company’s branding process and throughout the interior design itself
.Our PUNKT is to consistently deliver original, outstanding and exceptional work of the highest quality
.We always make it PUNKT