Interior Branding

Visual branding is the white part of the “Oreo” cookie, merging between its two parts – interior design and graphic design. On the one hand, it allows company employees to develop loyalty to the brand and its message or theme, through the experience of pride in the brand , via image design. On the other hand, it provides the business with the right marketing experience – by distributing the brand  in graphic language and motives in a layout that reflects the company’s different values, set at the business development stage, and embedding it into the customer’s consciousness.

When visual branding works at its best, as we in “Punkt” design studio know how to do well, the various visitors of the business will recognize the common language of branding and design in every little corner possible, including the legs of the chairs, the tilt angle of the table and not be surprised if your logo will in more than one of their dreams.

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