Clinics Design

Clinics Design

Who would believe that a clinic can be a place which spells out top interior design ( as opposed to clinical)? We do !
In planning and designing the interior of  clinics we feel it is important to create a balance between
the medical equipment and the necessary practicalities, to design waiting rooms which invite you in and make you feel comfortable and at ease while waiting your turn, to use space for the required medical equipment in a unique and different way.
Our aim is to designate space to serve the needs of the doctor while ensuring that the patient feels comfortable. On top of all this we do not give up on interior design to divide the space in an
intelligent fashion expressing the clinic’s field of expertise and adding the Punkt experience to the waiting period and to the treatment in the clinic.

Design For Clinics

A clinic is a place where clients have to feel professionalism and confidence from the moment they enter.
The goal in designing clinics is to create an aesthetic atmosphere of  calm and cleanliness. To design a pleasant and inviting space for the waiting room and privacy with maximum comfort in the treatment rooms.
Our Punkt in the field of designing clinics begins with the process of finding a property and choosing the most suitable location, planning the division of space and goes all the way to design and creation of fitted furniture made to order, professional signing inside and out and even to the level of  haulage.

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