Interior Business Design

Ever visited a store you didn’t want to leave? Entered an office that made you want to join the staff? These are the direct results of a precise choice of interior design and architecture by  experts in the field. The correct balance  between practicality and innovation, between unique and convenient, all packaged with accessibility, and a high level of user experience. We at “Punkt” design studio always making sure we combine them with both our hats – the interior designer one, and the architect one, to make each of our works extraordinary, already at the foundation stage. Literally.
The studio has an extensive and abundant knowledge, an extensive resume in commercial design, including designing of offices and stores.
At the same time, the studio specializes  in the designing of clinics and Home-clinics, in any relevant and specific needs of this niche.

Interior Design for offices

Interior Design for Shops

Interior Design for Restaurants

Design for Clinics

Design for Lobbies in Office
and Residential Buildings

High Tech Office Design