Interior Design for offices

An office means a lot more than just a room with desks, chairs and a conference room. The office is where
you and your staff spend many hours each day.
The Punkt team will do everything to make your office surroundings so enjoyable that you will hardly
want to go home.
We begin planning the office by dividing the work space to the best possible advantage and designing the
ultra modern  offices using original, daring and innovative materials. Punkt designs and creates work
spaces which bring a sense of wonder and  leave a lasting impression.
We won’t hesitate to put moss on the walls, hang pictures on the ceiling or turn a floor into a sky as long as
it has a connection to the work done in the office we have designed.
If you come to us to design High Tech Offices or you need help in planning, have a small office or
problematic space we at Punkt will make your project into a stunning, imaginative space.

Planning and interior design of High Tech offices always give us a high!
Combining innovative space while providing a feeling of home for the workforce (who, after all, spend
many hours here every day) fills us with renewed energy and excitement.
We love to take the Punkt energy into the High Tech office and translate it into material and shapes

to enhance the entire office space. Elements from the logo and the language we create influence the
design of objects and furnishings.
Inspirational messages adorn the walls and ceilings and the workers gain a fun environment which is

both exciting and comfortable to work in.
Interior design and planning, the Punkt way, connects the work force to the office, creates motivation,

a feeling of being part of a team and a part of what is happening, a proud member of its success.

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